The goal for any collection agency is to work with a consumer in order to find a solution that allows that individual to resolve a financial situation in the most painless and efficient manner possible. That goal is even more important in today’s environment, as we all try to find our way through the coronavirus pandemic. While there is tremendous uncertainty in the world today, people should not be left to wonder and worry about their financial situation.

Collection agencies like ours are adjusting the payment plans for consumers to give them more financial flexibility during the crisis, working out new plans, and doing whatever we can to provide peace of mind to make it easier for everyone to survive and be as comfortable as possible.

The services provided by collection agencies across the country are more important than ever before. Consumers need more help managing their finances right now, not less. Our clients need more help managing their finances right now, not less. This is a time for everyone to come together and do what they do best so, when this is all over, things are the same or better, not worse.

Many consumers are using this time, while staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as an opportunity to get themselves and their lives organized. This includes their financial situations. We have handled dozens of calls during the past few weeks from consumers who have been looking at their credit reports and want to rectify any negative items that are on them.

We remain committed to our clients and to their customers to provide whatever resources we can during this crisis. Our creative problem solving skills, coupled with our extensive experience, can serve as an important resource during these trying times. We have always wanted to put consumers in a position to successfully manage their finances and that has never been more important than today.

Like consumers across the country, the coronavirus pandemic has affected us, too. We have been forced to make adjustments like everyone else and we have been just as impacted. We understand the anxiety and fear that many people have and we want to do what we can to help. We are not here to add to that anxiety or to make undue demands on someone’s finances when they are facing economic uncertainty. We want to be a leader in our community and help people. That has always been our mission and will continue to always be our mission.