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Resources to Help Consumers During COVID-19


One of the more inspiring and unexpected outcomes of the coronavirus pandemic has been the ways in which the country has come together to help one another. Whether it is companies that have stopped producing their own products so they could make personal protective equipment for first responders or companies that have gone above and [...]

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How Collection Agencies Are Here to Help


If you are looking at the new funds in your bank account that came from the federal government’s economic stimulus package and thinking about paying down some of your bills, you are not alone. A recent poll conducted by Gallup, the national polling agency, revealed that more than one-third of those who were surveyed are [...]

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Collections in the Time of Coronavirus


The goal for any collection agency is to work with a consumer in order to find a solution that allows that individual to resolve a financial situation in the most painless and efficient manner possible. That goal is even more important in today’s environment, as we all try to find our way through the coronavirus [...]

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The Components of a Successful Collection Process


Watching those cooking shows on television can be very inspiring. But while they are running around making these amazing dishes that look outstanding (and probably taste just as good), it is important to note one distinction between the kitchens you see on TV and the kitchen in your own house: they are stocked with the [...]

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Why Income Tax Season is Such an Important Time of Year


For most people, income tax time is one of those good news, bad news types of situations. The bad news is having to sit down and put together a return and submitting it to the Internal Revenue Service. The good news is that, for most people, a refund is the reward for the time and [...]

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