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Passing the Sniff Test


You’ve probably heard of the sniff test, which is an idiom for using one’s instinct or gut to determine whether something is right or wrong. But the sniff test actually exists in medicine. A recent study, for example, revealed that if an unconscious person responds to smell that he or she is exposed to, that [...]

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Why Creditors Should Focus on What They Do Best


Charting a path through the "new" normal that exists across the country today as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has forced creditors, healthcare providers, and companies of all shapes and sizes to adapt to never-before-seen situations like a workforce that is entirely remote, the importance of social distancing and personal protective equipment, and the [...]

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How The Pandemic Presents A Great Opportunity To Work Out Your Debt Obligations


Yogi Berra famously quipped, "If you come to a fork in the road, take it." Individuals across the country are facing their own difficult decisions, which are being exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic: how to handle inquiries from debt collectors about unpaid bills. While many types of loans have been put into forbearance plans for [...]

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Make Sure Your Collection Agency Has the Right Tools


The best baseball players are said to be “five-tool” players — they can run, hit, hit for power, field, and throw. When scouts are looking at high school and college players, those are the things they are being graded on. And while there are not too many true five-tool players out there, most Major League [...]

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How Much Collection Agencies Return to The Economy


People love to marvel over the salaries that Major League Baseball players make. It can seem surreal to us mere mortals that teams will fight with one another to hand over contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars to individuals for playing a game. Is what they do really that special that it deserves such [...]

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Why Out of Sight, Out of Mind is a Bad Strategy


Out of sight, out of mind. An idiom that has stood the test of time. If I choose not to deal with someone or something, it will just go away. We all know that there are circumstances where this is true. Think back to any of those big “news” items that seemed huge at the [...]

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Providing Some Much-Needed Brand Relief


For three years during the 1930s, Wes Ferrell led all of Major League Baseball, totaling 75 complete games during that span. Such an impressive stretch of durability will likely never be topped in baseball ever again. Why won’t it ever be topped? As a means of comparison, two players tied for the most complete games [...]

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Resources to Help Consumers During COVID-19


One of the more inspiring and unexpected outcomes of the coronavirus pandemic has been the ways in which the country has come together to help one another. Whether it is companies that have stopped producing their own products so they could make personal protective equipment for first responders or companies that have gone above and [...]

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How Collection Agencies Are Here to Help


If you are looking at the new funds in your bank account that came from the federal government’s economic stimulus package and thinking about paying down some of your bills, you are not alone. A recent poll conducted by Gallup, the national polling agency, revealed that more than one-third of those who were surveyed are [...]

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Collections in the Time of Coronavirus


The goal for any collection agency is to work with a consumer in order to find a solution that allows that individual to resolve a financial situation in the most painless and efficient manner possible. That goal is even more important in today’s environment, as we all try to find our way through the coronavirus [...]

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